Different Types of OET Writing Introduction pargraph

Different Introduction Sentences for OET Nursing:

  • Discharge Summary: I am writing to inform you about the recent hospital admission and subsequent discharge of your patient, Mr. Mark Johnson, who was treated for acute pancreatitis at our facility.
  • Update on Long-term Patient: This letter serves as an update regarding the condition of your long-term patient, Mrs. Lydia Green, who is currently under our care for her complex diabetes management.
  • Transfer of Care: I am writing to discuss the transfer of care for your patient, Mr. James Smith, who was recently admitted to our hospital due to severe exacerbation of his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Referral for Specialist Consultation: I would like to refer your patient, Miss Rebecca Brown, for specialist consultation due to her recent diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Critical Incident Report: I regret to inform you of a critical incident involving your patient, Mr. Kevin Wilson, who suffered a fall during his hospital stay.
  • Post-Surgical Update: This letter provides an update on your patient, Mrs. Sarah Thompson, who recently underwent a total knee replacement surgery at our orthopedic department.
  • Notification of Admission: I am writing to inform you of the emergency admission of your patient, Mr. Thomas Garcia, who presented at our facility with signs of a stroke.
  • Request for Medical History: We recently admitted your patient, Miss Emily Martinez, who is experiencing an undiagnosed medical condition. We would greatly appreciate if you could provide her full medical history.
  • Change in Treatment Plan: I am writing to update you on the change in treatment plan for your patient, Mr. David Robinson, who is currently under our care for managing his hypertension.
  • Post-Operative Complication: I regret to inform you that your patient, Mrs. Olivia King, has experienced a post-operative complication following her appendectomy procedure.
  • Each of these introductions clearly states the purpose of the letter and gives an overview of the patient’s condition or situation, setting the stage for the detailed information to follow.


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