OET Score Calculator, Calculate Your OET Reading & Listening Grade

OET Reading Score Calculator

OET Listening Score Calculator

The Occupational English Test (OET) is a critical stepping stone for healthcare professionals seeking to establish their careers in English-speaking environments. A significant part of this journey involves mastering the Reading and Listening sections of the exam. Understanding the scoring system is key to effective preparation.

Calculating the OET Reading Score: The OET Reading section is divided into three parts: A, B, and C, with a total of 42 questions. The score distribution is as follows:

  • Part A: 24 marks
  • Part B: 6 marks
  • Part C: 12 marks

Scores are reported on a scale from 0 to 500 and are graded from E to A. Achieving a score of 350, which typically requires a minimum of 30 correct answers, is essential for attaining a Grade B. The assessment method varies, with Part A evaluated by assessors and Parts B and C assessed by computer.

Calculating the OET Listening Score: The Listening section mirrors the Reading section in structure, with the same distribution of 42 questions across Parts A, B, and C. The marking system is similar:

  • Part A involves filling in notes from a doctor-patient consultation and is marked by assessors.
  • Parts B and C are computer-scanned, featuring multiple-choice questions based on healthcare conversations and presentations.

Like in Reading, a minimum of 30 correct answers is usually required to secure a Grade B.

Useful Resources for OET Preparation: As you gear up for the OET, leverage these resources to enhance your preparation:

Conclusion: Understanding the scoring system and utilizing the right resources are pivotal in conquering the OET Reading and Listening sections. With strategic preparation and the right tools at your disposal, achieving success in the OET is well within your reach.